The Sunshine Vitamin

The Sunshine Vitamin Quiz time – Ever heard the term ‘The Sunshine Vitamin’, No? Well read on my friends and understand why during the winter ‘The Sunshine Vitamin’ is so important for a... Read More

Plantar Fasciitis

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Plantar Fasciitis So I am not sure recently what has been more painful my website is down, or my Plantar Fasciitis. Never heard of Plantar Fasciitis? Well if you have ever got out of bed in the morni... Read More

Meat = Sluggish Workout?

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Meat = Sluggish Workout? After a Thanksgiving turkey filled weekend here in Canada, who else out on the internet found their training session after the long weekend on a Tuesday sluggish? I know this ... Read More

1 Day Fast Part Deux

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1 Day Fast Part Deux Hopefully parents you would have read that this week I began my first 1 Day fast and wanted to chronicle how I felt during this period, with a quick post called ‘1 Day Fast... Read More

1 Day Fast

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1 Day Fast Parents you have all been there, after a long weekend, you feel a little dirty, bloated, perhaps a little unhappy with whatever you have stuffed down your esophagus over the past 72 hours... Read More

Cinnamon Ma Man (Or Woman)

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Cinnamon Ma Man (Or Woman) As my coffee machine ground away at 5am this morning and I hit the snooze button on my smartphone for another coma induced 9 minutes before I arose to prepare myself for an... Read More