Parents Against Grunters and Groaners


Ever get fed up of the grunters and groaners in the gym? It’s typically the male species lifting heavier weights, while the rest of us work out with the small to medium weights not trying to rip every fibre. But do you feel a little inferior working out next to them? Well don’t the workout is all about focus and intensity!

Visiting the local gym yesterday, I wished to use their weights as part of my all body cardio goal that I had set for that day on the ergo (indoor rowing) machine. I typically finish my sessions with cardio as I as usually sweat like a mad man and also left gasping for air as I make my way to the warm down area. But yesterday in particular while doing my medium and light weights listening to my headset, I had to share space with a couple of young grunters and groaners, lifting their heavier weights who were drowning out my music.parents-against-grunters-and-groaners2

Did I look inferior, maybe in weight size yes (I noticed other males avoiding the area), but I focused on what my particular goals were for that day and what my short, mid and long goals were.  No doubt these grunters and groaners can bench press more than me, curl heavier weights but that’s not why I am there, nor is it why i want to be there. My goal for the day was to fatigue my arms and shoulders with weights and complete 8 x 500m (45 secs rest) intervals at sub 1:45 seconds per 500m with a spm (strokes per minute) at 28 or less, which I completed without a single grunt or groan my I add.


“‎The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus.” ― Bruce Lee

There will always be someone faster, lifting heavier weights, doing more pull ups, more press ups, less body fat,  but don’t let this break your focus for the days workout/goal. Once you focus on what YOU are doing and block out the external factors, you can really concentrate on the intensity of your workout. Though I am seriously thinking about setting up a ‘Parents against grunters and groaners’ group, though would this be called a ‘focus’ group (sorry bad joke). 

You cant touch on focus with out a Dwayne Johnson focus video, it just wouldn’t be right, right?

For all the grunters and groaners out there, you seriously don’t need to act and sound like cavemen, yes you maybe able to bench or squat 200lbs plus, but we don’t need to hear it. You don’t hear me grunt every 500m on the ergo or on every flip turn on my 3000m swim (as funny as that would be), so why sound like rocky calling for Adrian when lifting your weights <shakes head>. 

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 Matt A.KA. Simple Dad 2 Kids.


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