Tis The Season

So ‘Tis the Season‘ of gifts, office parties, alcohol and much merriment, and no doubt like yourselves, I am wrapped in the whole consumerism of this month. Though not religious I don’t let this affect my children’s memories of growing up in a house of exchanging gifts, overindulging and more importantly, lots of hugs and kisses.

But this doesn’t mean we should let our bodies turn off though,  in-fact it is the time to increase the intensity of workouts, or if looking to the become part of the active crowd, start your first workouts now, don’t put off until tomorrow (typically Jan 2nd), start today.

I have written plenty of blogs about motivations and building goals and about how to go about getting your body back that you are comfortable living in. Don’t be the January ‘dollar sign gym newbie’ that typically rocks up with good intent and pays for a years membership and heads back to the counter in March checking out what the refund policy is.

The Year doesn’t have to start in January, December could be your launch pad into the new year, by hitting the gym, increasing your intensity, pushing the extra set out, rowing that further kilometer, adding an extra 250 meters to your swim, holding that extra pose longer. Or if a beginner look to go out walking, add a little 2 minute jog into your walk then try and build that up by 1 minute every time you go out, doesn’t have to be breakneck speed. Walk up and down your stairs 10 times, then start jogging up them, then start missing steps by the time you know it, you’ll be squat jumping every 2-3 steps up your stairs. Its time to ramp up for 2018!

The winter brings the darkest months to workout in, especially those early mornings, if there is snow on the ground outside and with the gym being 5 miles away it might as well be a 105 miles away, right? Pick a date, pick a weight or a goal that you wish to work towards and stick with it, tell your friends and family your goal, maybe it is that holiday you take to break the winter up, or perhaps March break. For example my goal is still to be at 220lbs come January 3rd and yes I will be over indulging in the festive spirit with children’s chocolates and red wine. But, and it is a big but, my goal is to increase my intensity over this month to make sure that I am working out all the ‘festive spirit’ that I am putting into my body.

Whatever your month looks like I hope it is an amazing one, and apologies on the delay of this post since the last one, I recently joined the Sports and Strength team which you can find here at sportsandstrength.com or on our facebook page,  we’d love to see you and give us a like.

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