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Well as we head into the fall season which you can usually tell by not only the beautiful shades of leaves that you find on the trees but also the Halloween merchandise now being stacked within the various stores as we hurtle towards candy giving season. But with the darker mornings how are you motivating yourself to keep that summer body through the darker months after ‘Too Much Summer Loving‘ of BBQ’s and red wine.

Now I am the first to admit, I drank too much this summer so I definitely had ‘Too Much Summer Loving‘ (damn you red wine), my workouts shortened in length (though not the intensity) to 20-minute and 30-minute workouts. With the kids out of school and taking up spaces in the lane swimming time slots and gymnasiums, I pushed my workouts back to my home gym/garage than the busy recreational centers.

toomuchsummerlovin3So hands up who weighed themselves before the summer? As I previously written my ideal weight that I enjoy carrying is 220 lbs and right now I am 5 lbs over that, so not a massive mountain to climb but none the less a little hill. But whether a little hill or Himalayan mountain now is the time to start planning to move this weight and keeping it off prior to the dreaded Christmas feasts.

Did someone say set a goal, I think they did. Goals are awesome they keep you focused, and you can make plans (another term for a list, I love lists, who doesn’t right?) to tackle your goal. So I am linking this post to a previous post I wrote ‘Parents Set Your Fitness Goals’


The mind is the most important part of achieving any fitness goal. Mental change always comes before physical change. Matt McGorry

toomuchsummerlovin4My full sessions begin again next week (currently on the road away from home), with an emphasis back on my swimming and indoor rowing. I have already set my goal for the end of October (28th) to be back at 220lb ready for an Halloween party end of that month, this goal is a specific goal with a shortened timeline but not an impossible timeline which is very important.


For example, I am not choosing to do a marathon in a month in under 3 hours, firstly I have never run a marathon and secondly unfortunately with my knees I have more chance of crawling it than running it. Keep your goal short, specific and realistic, once I have reached my goal I will then advance my goal to the end of November with a new challenge, don’t pick a goal the start of summer 2018 that is not exactly motivating and allows you say that you will start next month!

toomuchsummerlovin5It would be great to hear everyone’s goal for the end of October and how you plan to complete this goal over the next six weeks. Whether you are a Dad trying to move away from your ‘Dadbod‘ or a Mother with little time it would be nice to see how you make it work. So thanks for reading, give your goal a think and decide how to achieve it, and don’t forget to check out  ‘Parents Set Your Fitness Goals’ if you having difficulty with your goal.

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