Trampolining – A Week With My Kids

So in my previous post ‘Zip Lining – A Week With My Kids‘ I talked about my little girls fear of heights but wanted to challenge her by having fun. So within the week with my kids I also wanted to keep them active with fun but yet some cardio involved at the same time so guess where we headed, ‘Trampolining – A Week With My Kids‘ which obviously has it ups and downs (bad joke, I know).

Prior to my week off with the kids they had attended two weeks of swim of camps, if you didn’t know that my children swim competitively, as I have always encouraged swimming from an early age. But during our week off I didn’t want them to get completely lazy as I knew that I would be spoiling them this week with treats and dining out. So as they both enjoyed trampolining and to be fair so does there father, we headed to the local indoor trampoline park, and luckily we have a few near us like Flying Squirrel, Sky Zone, Extreme Trampoline, etc.


“Calories Burned Trampolining. After jumping on a trampoline for 10 minutes, a 150-pound adult burns around 42 calories. A 30 minute workout burns 126 calories. The same 30 minute workout performed by a 200-pound individual burns 167 “

Reading the internet for stats on this shows that someone like myself over 200-pound can burn nearly 400 calories by having fun with my kids. To be fair I was quite sweaty the first times I took my  children as I was gung-ho as I began my 60 minute bounce and throw yourself around session, though near the end as my 48 year old legs started to tire, my back was sending me messages to stretch off later that night. 

So it is fair to say I am not as agile as I once was, to be honest I have never had the flexibility of a ballerina being a 6ft 2″ 200-pound plus rugby player in my hay day. And the second time around trampolining in a week, yep my back let me know that I was no longer in my 20’s, not that I was injured but that I carelessly had not stretched off from my previous engagement with the bouncy mat.

I certainly have a new appreciation of trampolining and the exercise value it can bring, especially going twice in one week and not holding back as I try to compete with my 11 & 9 year olds who I am sure will only get better as my skills decline as I head to the 50+ age bracket. So what are you waiting for, grab the kids, prepare for fun and potential aches and pains, when things don’t go to plan on the trampoline it is so much fun that you will be laughing hard to your stomach like I was, hey presto, laughing equals more calories burned and core workout!

So when the opportunity of Trampolining comes along you have to jump on it (another bad joke) , ‘Trampolining– A Week With My Kids‘. Please feel free to drop me your thoughts on this in the comments section.

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