6 Apps To Help You Sleep Better!

Do you battle your own mind when it comes to sleep time, and the more you try to sleep the more frustrated you get? Its a horrible feeling! Though have you ever tried hypnosis or sleeping apps? Me neither! Let me help you out here in a non-touchy kind of way. So under the covers we go and do this, hypnosis that is, I mean come on there has to be a nap for that  right? <Roll eyes and shake head slowly here>.

So it is fair to say that my mind sometimes goes faster than James Hunt in a 1970’s F1 Maclaren race car and as reckless, (for those to young to remember him, I suggest watching the movie ‘Rush’ staring Chris Hemsworth it’s a great movie, or perhaps if looking for a more recent and relevant driver , Kyle Cusch from Nascar, (ok I google’d that). 

So recently I have taken to testing some sleeping aid apps, and some hypnosis apps, not like the one in Friends where Chandler gets the wrong hypnosis tape and turns him into a confident woman, and not how to quit smoking which was the intent, but that was  a pretty funny episode as I remember.

Some of the apps tested have been working well and I even have an app that allows me to monitor my sleep (my personal favourite is Sleep Cycle, bonus point for being  free) which some nights is not pleasant reading. Though as pointed out by my friends who have Apple watches or those willing to pay over $300 USD for a smart watch it may not be as accurate as the watch that monitors your heart rate. This particular one rests by my bedside and did I mention its free (unless you wish to pay $34.99 for more features with one feature allowing audio access to your snoring, erm no thanks).

But what is your typical go to dream or thought to help you sleep at night? Mine was usually focusing (right there SD2K, focusing is not relaxing) on my next day workout as if I don’t, I’m sure a lot of us including myself think  about what needs to be done around the house, or work, or finances, not warm and fuzzy dreams such as rainbows, lollipops and unicorns. 

Through testing, I learn’t that these sleep hypnosis apps also provide other hypnosis recordings for such topics such as motivation, wealth management, how to conquer continents through violence and pillaging (ok, I made that last one up).  Now I haven’t tried these other recordings but I am sure that I will be testing them in the near future, especially if I can find one that teaches me not to drink wine mid-week or be a better golf player. Even better if  I can sneak one into my kids rooms at night and tells them ‘how to clean up after themselves’.

Recently I took my children on vacation and played the ‘Sleep Well’ hypnosis app which incorporates a colour of your choice that you associate with relaxing which spreads across the body. Every morning we discussed which colour we choose and how far we got in to the app which was also a funny conversation to have with my kids.

Repeat You Are A Tiger!

If hypnosis is not your thing, having someone talk to you as you fall a sleep in your bedroom, which is kind of weird, then perhaps music or a variety of white noise would be better. I’m currently McLovin my rain background on the ‘White Noise Sleep’ app,  my children need to have the fan on in there rooms when sleeping purely for the noise. On a side note, one particular app that I tested had male voice talking and unless you upgraded you could not change to a woman’s voice. There was no way I could sleep listening to another man and I tried but his voice just didn’t work for me.

So if you are a parent  having difficulty sleeping, I seriously suggest trying a sleeping aid apps, my sleep as considerably improved since the beginning of testing. I’m not a guy to get into the medical side of these apps even though I own a white jacket, Ok,  its a grey North Face hoodie jacket, and I’ve never been to medical school but maybe search and download the free apps and investigate yourself. If you end up robbing a bank in your PJ’s don’t blame me, that’s all I’m saying.

Here are a couple of the apps that I have tried, but I am sure there are many more apps in the App store or Google Play for you to try. 








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Sweet Dreams.

Matt A.K.A Simple Dad 2 Kids

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