Meat = Sluggish Workout?


After a Thanksgiving turkey filled weekend here in Canada, who else out on the internet found their training session after the long weekend on a Tuesday sluggish? I know this simple dad did. So how did we get to feel like this, was it all the meat which is supposed to be full of protein? So does ‘Meat = Sluggish Workout’?

Well I know that some diets that are high in protein also require us to restrict the carbs that we allow in our body, during this meat-fest. The lack of carbs causes ketosis,  a metabolic change that forces our body to turn to stored fat into energy, hence the losing of stored fat equals less weight. Though I am not a big fan of this as I love carbs especially healthy cooked potatoes which I recently tried to de-myth in a post found here

I have written posts on this site before about vegetarian diets and mentioned that I was for nearly 2 years a vegetarian.  Within that post I outlined all the benefits of why I was a vegetarian in the 5 day vegeterian, which tries to allow meat and vegetables unless you are ethically against meat. 

What I didn’t realize is just how some ultra distance world class athletes swear by being a vegan, for example Rich Roll. Now I am not sure if I can go purely vegan as giving up on eggs would be a bridge too far for me. Do I love my boiled eggs! But I find Rich Roll story extremely fascinating from where he began to where his life has taken him once he made a decision to change his life.

Now I am not saying that we are all going to turn into world class ultra athletes but I believe there are points to be made from all of this. Firstly you can change your life at any stage, got that dad-bod you want to change? Want to feel better about yourself and have more energy? You can start these goals anytime, but today is the best day, right?

meal-sluggish-workout3Now some of the things I used to dislike as a vegetarian when out for dinner with friends, (unless a restaurant specifically suited to a no meat diet), were that the options were limited. I can’t tell you how many bad veggie burgers I ate, unfortunately for me also I don’t like the taste of fish, and I have seriously tried people, infact I would give my right arm to enjoy the taste of tuna (over statement, as I love my arms).

So after an overdose turkey this weekend I know where my taste buds are heading, though as mentioned, vegan may never be a street that I reside on, but for the next little while I am heading back to veg country to get my energy levels where they should be and no more sluggish workouts. I’ll be sure to report back in a month or so, as I know personally it takes a little while to see the energy and moods change. 

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