Plantar Fasciitis

plantar-fasciitis1So I am not sure recently what has been more painful my website is down, or my Plantar Fasciitis. Never heard of Plantar Fasciitis? Well if you have ever got out of bed in the morning and experience pain on the sole of your foot or pain from your heel when your feet hit the floor, it could be that you like I, are suffering from Plantar Fasciitis. It’s amazing that after 15 minutes of walking around it seems to disappear, but it is lurking in the shadows because if you are seated later on in the day and stand up, boom right back as if you were walking on Lego. Thank you, Plantar Fascia.

Ok, what actually is the Plantar Fascia and why is it so painful?

plantar-fasciitisThe plantar fascia is a thick band of connective tissue beginning at the heel and extending forward and under the ball of the foot. When excessive motion occurs about the foot (hyperpronation or hypersupination), the plantar fascia can be strained and results in micro-tears. The pain can occur right across the bottom of the foot or where the heel meets the arch, luckily for me it’s right across the foot, brilliant!


plantar-fasciitis2So what causes Plantar Fasciitis, well there are a few things that can cause this, as you runners may already know out there, overuse from Running, walking or standing for long hours (especially in unsupportive footwear) seems to be the #1 culprit. As mentioned excessive motion (hyperpronation and hypersupination), overweight (no not me), or just plain unsupportive footwear.

How do you cure Plantar Fasciitis, well here I have provided a video on how to cure this pain in the foot ailment, but if the pain really persists you need to seek professional medical advice about stretching or deep muscle massages to help alleviate the pain.


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