Popping the popcorn

Ok hands up who has heard of polyphenols, pronounced poli-fi-nel, and why should you even care about this class of chemical compound, ok the smart alecks amongst can put down you hands. Because polyphenols are super important as antioxidants,  though this post isn’t about that, but to make you get on your knees and hail the king of snacks, Popcorn. So get ‘Popping the Popcorn’.

popping-the-popcorn2Now I am not talking Chicago mix popcorn also known as ‘Costco Crack’, and the fact that earlier this week someone offered me some Chicago mix popcorn all the way from Chicago with chocolate blended in as well, I could feel my arteries hardening as I ate it, so so delicious though.

Some researchers go as far to say popcorn is healthier than some fruits which I found quite startling but when you start to look at the stats maybe they are right, also the fact that these people have doctorates then they must now what they are talking about, right? Unlike those actors on TV wearing white jackets recommending fad diets. For example Joe Vinson Ph.D professor at the University of Scranton said that his team found that popcorn contains a higher concentration of healthful antioxidant substances called…guessed it yet, polyphenols, more than fruit and veg.  Say whaaaaaaat?



So what type of popcorn are we talking, we have already eliminated Chicago mix but as with most processed foods, homemade popping-the-popcorn3stovetop popcorn is the way forward as you can control what actually goes into you popcorn. I am sure there is no need for me to tell you about replacing snacking with chips or if you are reading this in the UK, crisps, to popcorn, I mean I love potatoes and they are really good for you, but after deep  frying that goodness just simply isn’t there with all the saturated fats. I mean I haven’t even mentioned that popcorn is wholegrain so has great fibre content.

Just a quick post ‘Popping the Popcorn’ as I head to the store to grab some healthy snacks, that’s right I am making some popcorn this weekend for the kids as it is also fun for them to see the popping, so that we can keep ‘Popping the Popcorn’. during family movie time. If you would like to know more about myself click the link here, or are looking for tips to become a healthy parent click here. Also, check out my social media sites to like or follow me or check out my Facebook page here, which would be awesome. 


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