The Sunshine Vitamin

Quiz time – Ever heard the term ‘The Sunshine Vitamin’, No? Well read on my friends and understand why during the winter ‘The Sunshine Vitamin’ is so important for all the family.

Ok let’ s get to it, and the answer to What is The Vitamin Sunshine is.. (drumroll please), of course Vitamin D. Give yourself a pat on the back if you knew that. Vitamin D is often called the sunshine vitamin due to the fact that in summer, your body makes vitamin D when it’s exposed to sunlight, hence sunshine vitamin.

Though during the winter months in fact it begins in the fall season as the sun changes angles, no matter how much sun in the winter we see (even if skiing naked, there’s a thought for this winter) on the sunny piste our body cannot make vitamin D from the sun’s rays, that’s why supplements are very important during the dark and shortened days of winter.

So Vitamin D is a nutrient found in some foods that is needed for our health to maintain strong bones by helping the body absorb calcium. People who get too little vitamin D may develop soft, thin, and brittle bones, a condition known as rickets in children and osteomalacia in adults.

Not only is Vitamin D important for our bones but also our muscles need it to move, for example, nerves need it to carry messages between the brain and everybody part, and the immune system needs vitamin D to fight off invading bacteria and viruses.

So how much do we need? And what can I eat to get enough Vitamin D? Well according to the U.S Health agency daily requirements varies on age as outlined by the table below (IU- International Units).


Life Stage Recommended Amount
Birth to 12 months 400 IU
Children 1-13 years 600 IU
Teens 14-18 years 600 IU
Adults 19-70 years 600 IU
Adults 71 years and older 800 IU
Pregnant and breastfeeding women 600 IU

Sadly you may not be able to eat enough Vitamin D, for example Vitamin D is found in a lot of fish and dairy (not ice cream or frozen yogurt sadly) so unless you are eating salmon every meal time with two large eggs on it, while drinking a glass of milk, you may not be getting your requirements and should look into supplements.

 I have provided the following link to the Dieticians of Canada website which outlines the IU within each product if looking to ingest the recommended daily amount via food. Also within this website you will find the maximum daily amount not to exceed which is 4000 IU. Myself, I take and give my children a one a day Vitamin D tablet at breakfast time which is 1000 IU.

So there you have ‘The Sunshine Vitamin’ in a nutshell well not exactly a nutshell more of a supplement I guess, and thanks for ‘vitamin’ to your life (terrible joke) by reading this blog. If you would like to know more about myself click the link here, or are looking for tips to become a healthy parent click here. Also, check out my social media sites to like or follow me or check out my Facebook page, which would be awesome.

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