Veggin It Up

Over the dark nights of November and December since my post Meat = Sluggish Workout? which I wrote in early November, essentially for the past two months I have been ‘vegging it up‘ and  wanted to report back on what I have experienced (though having been veggie before I kind of new what to expect).

First and foremost what I find when cutting meat out is that this also cuts out a large chunk of junk food or easy snacks should I say when not at home or on the road, no quick cheeky  take out Burrito with its whopping (approximate) 900 calories. Or in fact any kind of fast food laden with meat as I run around or getting my children to and from their competitive swim training sessions after school. Though talking of after school, dinners now are a little bit more challenging as you still require to cook meat for your children’s meals, and also your non meat dinner, so you’re pretty much preparing two different meals, or three if the kids don’t like their first option or the vegetarian option on offer. (You give your kids options at dinner time? I know, I know, don’t get me started stressed chef).

Saying this, I have been feeding my children a soy ground beef alternative and they or myself cannot tell the difference when placing this in our taco’s, chilli or spaghetti bolognese dinners and it is healthier than normal mince and more nutrients without the bad fats. Now if your kids are like mine, two little ‘vegetable dodgers’ unless they are dipped in ketchup or covered with gravy <shakes head>, I have now also started to utilize a vegetarian gravy, but if I am honest here, vegetarian gravy will never be better than homemade gravy, but still very tasty. 

If you have read my blogs previously you will also know that I am a big egg fan, boiled, dry or healthy oil fried, scrambled, poached, flans, I love eggs and are still a large staple of my diet. Add to this portobello mushrooms which come in packs of four from Costco s which I very lightly fry with avacado oil with a runny egg on top all resting on a bed of baby spinach leaves, is the lunch of champions. (Don’t forget the spice/hot sauce which is also good for you).

I recommend anyone trying to live a more healthier lifestyle to perhaps trying vegetarian food only, though I am sure December is too much of a challenge and perhaps a start in new year on January 2nd is better placed? You noted that I didn’t say January 1st as I am sure some of you parents may, just may, have a little hangover from a kid friendly party the night before, so the 1st is locked in for a greasy meaty breakfast.

There are so many great recipes on the internet when it comes to vegetarian dishes from all corners of the world, so saying it is boring is just an excuse. Why not just take 20 minutes today to look on the internet and make the effort to make at least one vegetarian meal to try, here let me help with a couple links to begin:

40 All Time Best Vegeterian Recipes
80+ Easy Vegetarian Dinner Recipes

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Matt A.K.A Simple Dad 2 Kids


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