Benefits of kids being in a summer camp2

Benefits of kids being in a summer camp

Heading into the summer break is a time of fun for my kids, with camps and time with their parents. I try to encourage my kids to engage in team sports but also to kick back and have fun with it. Now I know that I work from home and my plan is to do more with my kids in the summer, more than the one week I currently take off for vacation, but even if I could, do the Benefits of  kids being in a summer camp out weigh spending more time with my kids?

Benefits of kids being in a summer camp4Not that I dish my kids off to military camp for the summer, though sometimes when I walk into their bedrooms I question whether I should have, or the kid’s ablutions, sorry I mean kid’s bathroom. I grow weary sometimes.

So I am providing a list of the benefits of putting your children in summer camps while their teachers take their well-earned extended vacation, when school is out:

Social skills – this is where your children learn to have social engagement with other children from all backgrounds, breaking down barriers and interacting in a manner that develops friendship and potentially long term friendships.

Physical activity – I tend to put my children into sports camps that also have fun swim times, you can do educational camps but in the summer I like to get my kids outside and burn off the summer ice creams (hmmm perhaps I should enroll, oh wait ice creams, not pool side beers).

Benefits of kids being in a summer camp3Independence – I can attach this to the social skills, but I know when I drop my kids off at camps, I sometimes stand back and watch from a hidden vantage point and watch my children on day one independently go and interact with the other children, with whom they have never met. Independence breeds confidence, as they learn to be on their own in group settings and start to form independent thoughts and judgments.

No technology – Seriously no electronics, enough said.

Fun time – Now I like to think I am a fun dad, in fact I am the ‘funnest’ dad out there, sorry gents I got this nailed. But as much as I am a legend in my own mind, kids playing with other kids and doing what kids like to do, I just can’t top that.

So there you have my 5 top reasons in regards to the Benefits of  kids being in a summer camp, I hope this helps you make a decision to put your kids in a summer camp too. Kids always remember their summer camps and the friendships that they built, which sometimes last a life time.

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