One of the great pleasures about having kids is the many surprises that they deliver on a daily basis, even when as a single parent like me, your children are not around all the time. I thoroughly enjoy (he says shaking his head and smiling) finding out what has been left in my kids tickle trunk or as I like to call it, my car or the ‘Kids Dump Truck’.


You’d be amazed what you can find in your car, from gum wrappers, Lego people, colored drawings (when there are no coloring pens in the car, how does that happen?), items of clothing, food welded into the seats and side doors, salt stains from the winter as apparently it is perfectly ok to put your boots on the seats in the winter time, right?

Kids Dump Truck2

Now it is partially my fault as my children do ask ‘sometimes’ if they can bring certain things in the car when they go shopping, such things as IPod, IPad, headsets, kitchen sink, diphtheria etc. But I always say when returning home “make sure you bring your garbage and personal items into the house”, which to a 10 and 8 year old must sound like ‘leave your shit in the car, Dad will clean that up because I just don’t have enough chores to do and I really appreciate doing multiple trips to the car to put your stuff back in your bedrooms’. Oh and while you are at it let me carry all the shopping in myself as I really need the exercise.

Kids Dump Truck1


I am still expecting one day to jump in my car and find a live tiger in the back and both my kids blaming each other as to who put the tiger in there, I grow weary.

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