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So who is Simple Dad 2 Kids, well lets start with my name, that’s Matt but most people call me well, Matt, its very nice to meet you and again thank you for visiting my blog.

First and foremost I am a father and a proud one at that of two kids who are my world. Though these two ankle snappers, these fine specimens of young human life can make me laugh at a moments notice but within a deadly second can make my head turn 360 degree’s and spew like in the exorcist. Though like all parents  (I hope) there is nothing that I wouldn’t do for them, which creates its own challenges. Though every morning I wake up and I say to myself obviously after wiping the druel from my face and scratching where men like to scratch,  ‘Do I have to make packed lunches today’?

But lets go back a bit, born in the UK with siblings all older than myself,  I like to think I was a planned child.  But with 2 older sisters and brother, plus my parents being 39 and 38 years of age, chances are not looking good for the planned vote. Having served time in the British Army,  then working around Europe in a technical capacity, I moved to Australia for a year plus. Eventually I landed on the shores of Canada and here I remained.

Matt5So here I find myself in North America, my ex wife being from this continent spending 50% of my time with my kids and the other 50% preparing to get my kids or on the road with work.

As a simple parent with a full time job which quite often as mentioned takes me on the road, I have had to learn how to wear many hats. These would include my full time job as a salesman, to hats within the home, such as chief financial officer, project officer, chef, cleaner, kids plumber (hmmm blocked toilets my favourite), chauffeur, magician (the miraculous trick of making clean clothes reappear, Shaazam!), entertainer, medic, and general dogs body. But you know what, I wouldn’t change it for the world and that is a fact Jack!

Though sometimes like a lot of parents out there I need the ‘Me’ time and for me this is keeping fit, healthy and golf when the weather permits, but don’t let me kid you here I also enjoy my red wine and a few beers around the pool or BBQ that’s for sure. I’d like to show you how I get by with a heavy work load, stay in reasonable shape and still enjoy the finer social things in life.

Venice 2005Like a lot of parents you can’t do everything, as much as I would like to be superman we all need a little help from time to time. I am sure everyone has a gazillion bookmarks for organizing their life, including health, fitness, cuisine, home-styles and finance. I have created this blog first and foremost for myself  and my children to look back on when I am gone from the heart attack they caused. But wanted to share some of these with anyone interested  out there on the web and some of the and hopefully get some feedback from other parents out there too.

As someone once said to me and seemed very relevant, KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid. 


Matt A.K.A Simple Dad with 2 kids



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