The Healthy Parent

The Healthy Parent 

The Healthy Parent


I was previously not ‘The healthy Parent‘ that I have become today, when I landed in single parent land. You see I had gotten comfortable in my old marriage as in my eyes there was no one to impress, no exercise regime required and all foods in the kitchen were in play. I had no problem eating my own meal then finishing my kid’s meals which they had turned their nose up at, sound familiar?

The Healthy Parent – The Realization

Now I am 6ft 2″ in height and played a lot of rugby in my youth and military days so I have developed big rugby thighs, also swimming at a young age and again playing water polo through my military career added broad shoulders, so a career in super modelling was never going to happen, I say this laughing to myself. My optimal weight is 220lbs (today 217lbs), now this optimal weight is not a scientific weight indicator or given to me by a doctor, it’s the weight that I personally feel good at about myself, and gives me the confidence to post pictures like the one you see here.

Triathlon times
The Healthy Parent – Healthy Pre Marriage.

At the time of my marriage ending, I found myself to be just under 250lbs  zoikes scoob did you eat a camel? It certainly felt like it. So I needed to lose weight and made a plan and set about how I would get down to this optimal weight without wiring my jaws together (though I would still technically able to drink red wine through the wire, I digress).

Here are 5 points when looking to become ‘The Healthy Parent‘:

I hope you enjoy the posts and that they motivate you to get in better shape, and become ‘The Healthy Parent that hopefully you want to achieve for the sake of your children, monkey see, monkey do.

Your body, including your mind, is the most important tool that you have towards your children’s future by sticking around long enough to make sure they are set for their life. Your children will follow your lead, if they see you working out they may want to emulate you, I have a dip stand in my garage where my kids laugh as they try to do leg raises or knee’s to chest.

Being healthy doesn’t have to be tortuous,  I still have a beer, drink wine, bbq and get tipsy by the pool, I also want to enjoy my life, that is why I didn’t become a nun. No offence to any nuns reading this, I’m sure it’s a blast in your own way of enjoying life.

Thanks for reading the ‘The Healthy Parent‘ I hope that this makes you think about your health or even inspires you to change your life moving forward.

Matt A.K.A Simple Dad with 2 kids