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Wealthier Happier Parent, I think as parents, this is something that we all strive to have. Whether that be happiness in our family, wealth in our business or anything that we wish to achieve. For me health, wealth, time &  happiness is something very important,  as I deliver a good quality of life to those loved ones that I shepherd. On this internet journey I hope to help and motivate other parents, to become wealthier and happier parents as they go through life trying to get the best for their dependents. 

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Like most of you out there reading this, my week consisted of waking up five days a week getting ready to spend eight hours a day grinding through a job to pay for the roof over my head. Putting food on the table as a single parent and trying to save all year round to pay for a budget vacation for the family can be quite taxing. But what if life was different? what if we could change the way we thought, break out of the routine that the majority of us parents go through and our parents before us. Is this the path we want to set our children on?


Me, The Wealthier Happier Parent:

For me it all started Christmas day 2015, I sat alone after my children headed to their mother’s for their lunch and even more presents with their cousins. I asked myself the following questions which all parents should ask themselves:

  • Do I deep down actually enjoy my life?
  • Is this the path that I was destined to follow for the rest of my life, like my parents before me?
  • Am I slave to my mortgage and pension?
  • Do I have the commitment to change this?
  • What is my legacy to my children?
  • Do I want my children to be slaves to their mortgage and pension?

That Christmas day was one of the most important days of my life, 2016 is now a year that is moving my life into a completely new direction and it has already started. A direction that is benefiting me and my children’s lives, financially, mentally and physically. I will go into these more with the various posts that I publish along this journey but I can tell you I am very excited for my family’s future.


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